Turn your used mobile phone in to cash

Turn your used mobile phone in to cash

Turn your used mobile phone in to cash

When you change your phone or when you want to buy a new one, it is very likely to come across  the dilemma of what to do with your old device that still has life.

One recommendation is to sell that used mobile phone and make an extra money, however it is very common that then the question becomes how and where can I sell my mobile phone?

For that we have identified some aspects to consider when making the decision to sell your mobile phone.

1. Be realistic with the status of your phone

At the time of making the decision to sell your mobile phone is very important to be sincere and analyse the actual state of your phone. It is not just to see if it works, but to objectively analyse your state, you have all the complete accessories and if they are in good condition, but are original etc.

2. Use prices according to the model, brand and the state

The easiest way to know what is the real value for your cell in the “market that is already used” is to look similar phones, offers and find which are in a similar state as yours. Analyse the make and model of the cell that is selling and that is so far the latest model. Additionally, some brands have recycling programs where you can get an estimated price of phone you want to sell on our website.

3. Willingness to negotiate

When deciding on a price for your mobile phone, keep in mind that for sure you will receive offers below the price initially set, so the recommendation is that when deciding the price, be clear until much you are willing to negotiate.

4. Avoid falling into the traps of scammers

If you decide to sell your cell phone to a third party, note that in the process you could expose yourself to a scam. For that it is important that you consider the following recommendations:

Meet with the “buyer” in public places and possibly accompanied. Mobile phone carries data so backup and wipe it out before giving it away.

Do not send or deliver your mobile phone without first receiving payment.

Try to get paid in cash, and possibly avoid receiving payment by check.



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