Things to do with your unwanted Christmas gifts

If you’re one of those millions of  people who are disappointed with what gifts you received this Christmas, here are some things you can do with those unwanted Christmas presents.

Hundreds of millions of Christmas gifts will be given and received this Christmas season and nearly half of them will be unwanted.
Our research suggests around 48% of People are expected to receive a Christmas gift that’s not on their wish list, leaving a massive 99 million unwanted gifts for this year with a total value of $1,232 million – discarded under the tree.
But what can you do with all those unwanted gifts? Here are a few suggestions:
Sell them
If you want to make some money from your unwanted Christmas gifts so you can buy something you really like, then sell it. More than 550,000 new consumer listings are expected to go live on classifieds website like eBay, Gumtree, Austree and many more by end of Christmas Day, with a further million being posted by end of the Boxing Day.
More than a third (38%) of people are going to use money from the sale to buy something they really want, 23% will buy something for someone else, and 39% will save the money.

The top listed items on Classifieds websites on Christmas Day last year were:

Frozen merchandise
Soaps and lotions
Women’s necklaces
Women’s shavers
Vacuum cleaners
Alternatively, you could try selling unwanted Christmas gifts on Austree Classifieds.

Re-gift them

Put your unwanted present in a cupboard with the rest of the family’s unwanted Christmas gifts, and save them to give to other people in the future maybe on birthday, wedding or some other occasion. Just be careful not to give the gift back to the person who gave it to you in the first place…
Give them to charity
Charity shops like Salvation army, The Smith Family or Vinnie’s would love to have your unwanted Christmas gifts, why not do a good deed and give them away?

Swap them

There are plenty of other people who don’t want their gifts too, so why not try swapping yours for theirs? Why not Post your ad on – where you can sell, swap or trade all sorts of unwanted stuff. Alternatively, have a bit of fun and organise a swapping party with your friends.

What are you going to do with your unwanted Christmas gifts? Tell us in the Comments box below.

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