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At Austree, we like to make sure our buyers and sellers have a great experience. That’s why we are always looking for ways to improve our website and to make it easier to Buy, Sell or Advertise just about anything.

We Just launched the new My Messages feature to streamline communication between buyers and sellers. Don’t rely anymore on emails to Communicate, use our My Messages to fast pace the communicate between buyer and seller.

Many users have already started using My Messages, you too Should give it a try!

Communicate Directly

My Messages allows you to communicate directly with each other – it’s your own personal Austree inbox. It’s a convenient and easiest way to Communicate with buyers and sellers on Austree. You no longer need to check your emails or share your mobile number, all you need to do is login to the Austree website or the Austree Webapp and you can quickly see who has sent you a message and respond directly via My Messages. All your personal messages are grouped by conversations in one place, So you don’t lose track of your personal messages anymore.

As Effective as an SMS

My Messages is as Quick and effective as an SMS, without any SMS charge. The Buyers & Sellers who use My Messages are typically more responsive than those who don’t. If you’re selling an item, you can quickly respond to potential buyers while they’re in the buying mood and before they move on to someone else’s listing. Similarly, if you’re keen to buy an item that’s listed for sale, you can contact the seller straight away and they will instantly receive your message, you can also see if and when your message has been read by the person you’re speaking to.

The Safest way to Communicate

Using My Messages can result in safer communication. Start a conversation from an item, both will be linked to each other. That way, you always know what you’re discussing about and keep the record of your item and messages for safer transaction.

Message on the go

My Messages is available on our website and web app, on both iOS and Android, allowing you to access it whichever way you prefer to use Austree. It means you can start a conversation while you’re on your computer and then easily move to your mobile phone while you’re on the go. No matter how you need to use the My Messages feature, it’s set up to adapt to your needs. We strongly recommend and suggest our users to please not use mobile phone for anything while driving.

We are always keen to learn how we can improve at Austree, if you have any Suggestions please use comment section on the bottom.

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