What Are Your Second Hand Goods Worth?

You’ve probably heard the old age that reminds us that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Well, we all have things lying around our homes that might not carry much value for us any more, but would hold considerably greater value in the eyes of someone else.

 In fact, we often underestimate just how much others would be willing to pay for our second hand goods. The truth is that most of us truly have little or no idea how much money our loose items are really worth.

 Did you know that the average Aussie has 23 valuable second hand items lying around in their home? And one in five Aussies have 40 or more valuable items they could be selling to others for cash.


These items are typically composed of goods that are in high demand, things like clothing, books and electronics.

Scientific research shows that buying used goods reduces carbon footprint and CO2 emissions significantly compared to the complete product life cycle, because of less production, raw material sourcing and logistics. Often the relative carbon footprint of production, raw material sourcing and the supply chain is unknown. A scientific methodology has been made to analyze how much CO2 emissions are reduced when buying used goods like second hand hardware versus new hardware.

Second Hand Goods

 So just how much can you get for all the second hand goods doing nothing but taking up valuable space in your home?

 One of the best resources for gauging how much your second hand goods are worth, and for selling them, is is a free Australian local classified site where you can post free ads to buy and sell products and services.

 One of the quickest and easiest ways to see how much your second hand items are worth is to find out what similar items are already selling for on, or be the first to post your item and see how much you can get for it.

 It’s easy. It’s free. And there could be hundreds of others out there willing to pay good money for the items around your house you don’t even use any more.

 So what are you waiting for? List your unwanted items on today and start making some extra cash. 

Second Hand Goods

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