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How to Contact a seller

That’s great so you found what you were looking for on Austree.
Someone in your state or suburb listed, that you like so much …

And is selling it at a good price! My treasure … You are so eager to have it … but there is a no button that says BUY NOW! and you need to know How to Contact a seller on Austree Classifieds

Quiet, do not go crazy.

In the classifieds, you have to first contact the seller. You can choose to send an email or call directly the phone number provided by the seller. But if you really want the stuff that the seller is selling, don’t waste the time: You should call him now! You can call or write to ask everything you want to know about what the seller is selling. Ask all the questions you want in order to make sure that the product is what you are looking for. For example, ask what year it was purchased, which is the model, all that kind of detail. Be courteous and friendly; that’s the best way to reach a good agreement.

If you are not 100% convinced about the product you’re referring you are not obligated to buy it . That’s the genius of Austree: there are other similar products waiting! But if you are satisfied with both the product and the seller, go ahead! You can agree on the price and meeting place. It is better to meet the seller in a public place, maybe a park, a mall or a bar. Remember that the agreement on payment is made ​​only between the buyer and seller, without intermediaries. Austree is never a part of any operation and does not handle payments or shipping, or to guarantee operations, does not provide escrow services or offer buyer protection or seller certification.

When you find, you have the opportunity to see the product. Check that everything is as the seller told you.
Do you still like it? Now that you have it already! It’s yours! Your treasure …
So have a Great, Safe and Happy buying and selling experience on Austree.


Remember to price your item right so that it is an irresistible deal compared to other ads on Austree. Your item will almost vanish!


Tell people your story of why you no longer want your item, how you’re justifying the price, the urgency or usage condition of your item.


– it’s easy with AUSTREE right?


Millions of Australian’s in your area search on – and they’re looking to buy now!

Whatever your reason, SELL IT on AUSTREE – It’s Easy, Quick and FREE!

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