Five reasons to sell your used products on Austree

This scene is repeated in much the same way in every home.

People tend to accumulate things you no longer use.

They believe that someday return to use or store worth its sentimental value for its quality, or simply because too lazy to do something about it. The truth is that years pass and those things remain unused.

The good news is that the used items are more valuable than people think and can easily be sold on Austree.

These are some of the most important reasons you should motivate to sell your stuff:

You make money

Maybe you’re sitting on a pile of money without knowing it, because all you have got something of value. Austree lets you convert things that do not need or no longer want in to money, that you can use for other things. A recent study by Austree team shows home owners in the Australia have a whole treasure of nearly 500 million dollars in ads waiting to be sold by their owners products.

It is easy and free

When selling items online it sometimes become annoying, we do not value the benefits that this brings. Now, with Austree you can sell your items in a simple way without having to go through complicated records, problems in interactions and expensive fees or charges for publication.
Once you post your ad on Austree you realize how easy the process is. I simply clicking “Publish your ad for free“, loading the photo and your data along with the item description, and click “Publish Now“. Your post will be loaded in minutes. Not only that it will also get published on all our social media pages to get your ad more views, increasing the chances of selling your item quick.

Encourages progress

When you sell what you no longer use, your income goes up and then you can access other things that you could not access before. That opens up a world of opportunities that allow for change and progress. The needs and interests change every day; You do not have to adapt to demand large investments, but a simple reorganizing of priorities.

Improve your community

Every time you sell a used item, both the buyer and you make profits and that contributes to the whole community. The more transactions are made, the community progresses more and more people benefit from that.

Help the planet

Reusing goods reduces the use of new natural resources, pollution limits (less waste) and saves energy globally (since the creation of new objects is avoided).

so these were the Five reasons to sell your used products on Austree.


Remember to price your item right so that it is an irresistible deal compared to other ads on Austree. Your item will almost vanish!


Tell people your story of why you no longer want your item, how you’re justifying the price, the urgency or usage condition of your item.


– it’s easy with AUSTREE right?


Millions of Australian’s in your area search on Austree.com.au – and they’re looking to buy now!

Whatever your reason, SELL IT on AUSTREE – It’s Easy, Quick and FREE!

On your cell phone? –> Download our easy-to-use Web App just visit Austree from your mobile to snap a picture and sell in just seconds. Anywhere, anytime – for free!

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Keep Selling  😉  The AUSTREE Team

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