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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying a Car

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying a Car


How & what is the max you can afford to pay?

The first steps of your journey for buying a car is to figure out which car you can afford. Look at your discretionary income to see what and how much you can afford to spend on car repayments.

Once you’ve decided your budget. You’ll know what price range of car to choose from.

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Most of the time as a buyer you need to consider organising credit to fund the purchase of the car. This is offered by almost every car dealership and banks. Also remember that the car is only legally yours after you’ve paid the last instalment. However, if you choose a personal loan to pay for the car, it will be yours immediately. Shop around for the best and the lowest personal loan interest rates & credit format from dealerships or banks to get the best deal. The more you save the more better for you, remember that saved money can be spent on some extras for your car you intend to buy.


New vs used


Most people find new cars appealing because they’ve never been driven by anyone else, and are guaranteed to be of  “accident-free” history.

However, buying used often means you can buy a better model as the first owner took the biggest hit in terms of depreciation.

If you choose to go for a used car – you have two options to choose from buying from a dealer or privately. Both have their pro’s. Buying from a reputable dealer offers the peace of mind that you can count on them for anything that goes wrong with the vehicle after sale as most of them are covered under used car warranty. On the other hand, buying privately from the owner can be little cheaper but doesn’t have any warranty so choose wisely.

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Don’t forget to considered other operating costs?

You may fall in love with big 4x4s and sports cars that seem to be within your budget, but when you discover that you need to fill it up with fuel every other day, your budget will be blown. If you already budget a certain amount for fuel each month, try find a car that matches your current car’s fuel efficiency – or plan to fork out the cash!

Other costs include:

* Car insurance

Shop around for the best deal. Some car insurance packages include extras such as roadside assistance, so work out if you need them when choosing the insurance company.

* Registration fees:

This is an annual cost of a few hundred dollars.

* Maintenance costs

If you haven’t taken out a motor plan or have bought your car from a private seller, you’ll have to budget for regular services, as well as less regular costs such as new tyres and wheel balancing etc.


What major features will influence your decision on a new or used vehicle?


Fuel Economy

Size of the vehicle


Cost of the upkeep of the vehicle such as maintenance and insurance

Interior space


Resell value

Considering these aspects will make sure that you are able find the exact make & model suited for your life.


Does this car make me happy?

Buying a new car is one of the most expensive financial decisions you will make – so it better be a car that makes you happy. Ask yourself in the most brutal & honest sense – is the price I’m paying worth the aesthetics or brand of these vehicle? Perhaps you should be buying the simplest, cheapest, most fuel efficient and reliable car available? Or maybe buying on looks and the seats and how the car makes you feel happy, and that makes the money worth it.

So you have to ask yourself if the car really does make you happy, because if you’re making undue compromises, your car just won’t make sense.

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